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Many organizations have been unable to find staff with the required levels of experience, know-how and intellectual capacity to fill vacant positions in spite of huge investments in recruitment process. This situation is particularly worrisome because it is happening at a time when competition in all industries is becoming keener and necessitates the constitution of reliable and competent work teams.

We are aware that the achievement of organizational objectives is predicated upon the ability of the staff to effectively execute a well-designed organizational strategy. Unfortunately, there seems to be a constant gap between the demand and supply of quality staff. As a result, management is saddled with the tedious and painstaking task of sieving through thousands of applications in search of the right candidates, sometimes without success. Often times, this takes management away from concentrating on other more or equally important tasks.

The aim of Norwood outsourcing and recruitment services is to provide assistance to organizations in their quest for competent and reliable personnel through identifying, recruiting, and outsourcing staff that meet their specific needs. We are adept at providing fast, reliable and cost -effective solutions to clients' personnel needs.


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